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New Project Announcement | We Care Campaign

Dec 17, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Northern Heart Films have been selected to work on a film for the We Care Campaign. We Care are the UK’s carers-led grassroots campaigning organisation. For this project, we’ve been commissioned by We Care to create a special film to be used in their upcoming social media campaign in June 2022. The foundations for this film will be rooted in the lived experience of unpaid carers, with the hope that these stories will drive more carers to join this campaign, take action and make a difference.

We chose to work with Northern Heart Films because we felt their experience and film style fit perfectly with our own campaign style. We are feisty and “tell it like it is”. We wanted a film company to reflect those values and be able to bring emotion, storytelling, and realism to our film which I believe Natasha and Scott at Northern Heart Films will bring. We’re so excited about this collaboration and getting our carer community involved throughout the stages of this project in the new year!

Katy Styles, Carer/Campaigner

This project really spoke out to us, as unpaid carers often go unnoticed, undervalued and with little recognition. The We Care Campaign, founded in 2018, champions these inspiring individuals by giving them the right support and making sure that their voices are heard. We’re looking forward to working with those involved in this charity, meeting the carers and hearing their stories. Our passion for emotive and honest storytelling mixed with the inspiring nature of the campaign and the people involved, we feel, is the perfect combination to provoke societal change.

We’re keen to explore ways in which we can form a new visual identity for carers by challenging the visual stereotypes attached to the image of a carer. We will be working with poet Carla Mellor, who we’ve worked with several times including our viral film ‘A Kingdom United.’ We feel her down to earth, raw and honest poetry will really propel the film to have as much impact as possible. We’re confident that this creative choice along with our intimate filming style will pull on the heart strings of audiences around the UK and those with the power to constitute change.

Hayley Hoban