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Finding ‘Appiness

Short Documentary

Synopsis: In a quiet Northern town, a young filmmaker and a 77 year old fashionista embark on a colourful journey of self discovery.

74 year old Allan Bradbury has not always been this colourful. He spent most of his life washed away in drugs and alcohol after being sexually abused as a young boy. After many years of hiding his true self he found the strength to rebuild his life and find true ‘Appiness from deep within.

By wearing his colourful clothes, he seeks to inspire others who are afraid of accepting their true selves. Little did he know his story was affecting the young documentary maker behind the camera. As filmmaker Natasha begins exploring Allan’s life their stories begin to align and Natasha is soon faced with a life changing realisation.

Themes: Mental health, Identity, LGBTQ+, Fashion, Recovery

Directed by Natasha Hawthornthwaite
Produced by Scott Bradley