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Meet our New Digital Marketing Assistant!

Sep 28, 2021

Northern Heart Films are expanding! We have employed two new staff members as part of the KickStart Scheme. We have teamed up with Curious Minds so that we can employ two new staff and offer them a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and enhance new skills. We cannot wait to see what opportunities and ideas will materialise with the addition of two fresh faces. Here at Northern Heart Films we want to do as much as we can to help kickstart careers and help those just getting started in this field. We hope to equip our two new starters with the essential tools for careers in the creative industry.

“I am thrilled that there is an opportunity like this, especially in my hometown. I am keen to learn more from Scott and Natasha and be a part of their process of documentary making and expand on skills like interviewing for documentaries. I’m excited to learn more about the industry and transfer my writing skills to this digital marketing role”

Hayley Hoban

Hayley Hoban

Digital Marketing Assistant

Hayley grew up with a love of old classic films and musicals such as Calamity Jane and My Fair Lady, that was when she realised her love for singing and performing. Hayley has a stammer, so music and singing is not only something that she enjoys but something that’s therapeutic for her. Performing songs is where Hayley feels like her authentic self without being bound to the limitations of her speech. Hayley started working for Northern Heart Films as Digital Marketing Assistant and has worked on writing blog posts that shout about our exciting projects, film festival involvements and all things social media that engage with wider audiences.

From Wigan

Hayley is originally from Wigan but also spent 4 years living in Newcastle where she completed her English Language Degree at Northumbria University and Master’s Degree in Media and Journalism at Newcastle University.

Hayley loves arts, culture and anything creative

With a particular focus on how the performance of our creativity shapes our identity.

 Favourite Film

LadyBird (2017). Greta Gerwig.

Natasha Hawthornthwaite
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