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Historic England Calls Upon Northern Heart Films for Tyldesley HAZ

Apr 12, 2022

We’re delighted to have recently been commissioned by Historic England to produce a short film celebrating the fantastic community spirit of Tyldesley as the town embarks on some significant heritage restoration work on the high street.

Thanks to match funding by Historic England and the Heritage Action Zone scheme Tyldesely’s highstreet will be transformed over the course of four years. Northern Heart Films have been chosen specifically to tell this trailblazing story. 

“Historic England is excited to be working with Northern Heart Films to celebrate the funded work ForTyldesley is undertaking across the town’s High Street Heritage Action Zone.” Said Ben Tipple, project manager at Historic England.  

What is so special about this particular HAZ project is that it’s being completely run by members of the community. The usual practice is for the local authority to be involved but the community in Tyldesley are leading the way and demonstrating best practice. 

This is why Northern Heart Films have been brought in. Our particular creative style and our focus on human storytelling aligned with what Historic England is trying to achieve.

“We are especially pleased to be teaming up with a production company with strong local knowledge, and a proven record of telling community stories with heart.” Continues Ben at Historic England. 

Our film will be a lasting legacy for the Tyldsley HAZ scheme and will demonstrate what can be achieved when a community comes together to make positive change in their local area.  

Natasha Hawthornthwaite