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We are an award-winning independent film production company specialising in documentary storytelling.

Our Story

We have over a decade of experience producing films for Broadcast, Cinema, Charities and Campaigns. We are here for those who wish to engage with their audiences on a much deeper emotional level.

We are passionate about crafting emotional, human focused stories that stay with you long after the end credits have rolled. We tell inspiring stories of strength and unity, people breaking through barriers and challenging perceptions. We care deeply about the people we place in front of our cameras, their story becomes our story and together we can inspire positive change.

Meet the Founders

Scott Bradley

Head of Production

Scott has been writing and directing short films ever since he was a teen when he first picked up a camcorder. After growing up in Spain, Scott returned to his roots in the North of England to attend The Northern Film School where he further explored his love of film. Scott is a natural filmmaker with an unrelenting drive and ambition.

From Blackburn
Home of one time Premier League winners Blackburn Rovers
Scott just loves Cinema
He’s often found in the middle row of his local movie theatre with a big box of popcorn
Favourite Film
Lost In Translation (2003). Sophia Coppola

Natasha Hawthornthwaite

Creative Director

Natasha has grown to become a deeply emotionally intelligent documentary maker whose films cannot fail to move you. Passion is not the word for Natasha, it is more fitting to describe Natasha as an authentic storyteller, a person who has an innate ability to find stories and craft films that have depth and spark conversation.

From Darwen
A working class mill town famous for Darwen Tower
Natasha enjoys uncovering unique characters and communities
With a passion for LGBTQ+ stories and themes of identity and belonging
Favourite film
Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012). Benh Zeitlin


Northern Heart Films are a breath of fresh air. They don’t just tick the boxes to get the job done, they take the time to get to know you and your organisation to ensure the finished product is personal, reflecting your values and tone, making it the best it can be. We know we can place all of our trust in them. It’s an added bonus that they are lovely people too!

Sadie Riley

Active Lancashire

They care about the films they make and the people they are making them with. The result is magic, films made up of humans not contributors. We’ve worked with Northern Heart for 3 years because they’re skilled in helping us craft warm, lovely films where contributors really shine through. Our work requires a lot of trust, whether for the Europe Talks campaign or Wigan Pier Project. Scott and Natasha always hit the perfect note.

Ros Wyne Jones

Daily Mirror Columnist

We collaborate with Northern Heart on a regular basis and we have mutual trust and respect for each other – I know Scott and Natasha will completely understand the brief and our concept while having total confidence in their delivery. Their approach is ingrained in their name – craft and graft with heart and soul. And they are always delightful to work with.

Stephen Caton

Source Creative